Monday, July 5, 2010

Lumby on the Air by Gail Fraser

New American Library
July 2010

Genre: Fiction

It’s a celebration and a reunion in the small town of Lumby as Pam and Mark Walker temporarily close their Montis Inn to welcome their families to town. Pam and Mark plan to renew their wedding vows on their twenty-fifth anniversary and want their families present to share in their joy.

The festivities take a crazy turn as the county fair is in town and Mark intends to enter a few competitions for the first time including sheep shearing and chain saw sculpting. Then, his radio talk show host brother-in-law, Carter Reed, decides to broadcast his show from the inn. The show is complete with public disparaging words about the inn and the people who live in Lumby. Things take a nasty turn when a developer plans to purchase a local farm and turn it into a ski resort and Carter publicly supports the idea, much to the dismay of the citizens of Lumby.

Pam and Mark’s problems don’t stop there as Pam’s mother shows up at the inn with her new boyfriend, an adventurous “friend with benefits”. Pam spends her time worrying that her mother is taking too many unnecessary risks. It doesn’t help when Mark’s niece decides to air everyone’s dirty laundry on her online blog in a misguided attempt to be popular with her fellow teens.

Mark and Pam have their hands full with their quirky relatives, but readers will have a chance to relax and enjoy this book. It’s a true comfort read returning to this quaint town with these delightful characters. It’s like visiting old friends.

Lumby on the Air is the fifth book in this continuing series. It reminds me very much of Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series. The Lumby books will leave you with a warm feeling and you’ll be anxious to read the next one in the series.

Ms. Fraser also has a great newsletter on her website, Simply Lumby. Check it out, it’s great fun.


  1. I have the first one in this series, but I haven't read it yet. Teresa from Teresa's Reading Corner introduced me to them on her blog...

  2. Nice review, I have seen these books around but sadly never read one


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