Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review: A New Year’s Eve Surprise by Lisa J. Crane




Release Date:
December 2012

Alex is doing her best to avoid her friend’s well intentioned matchmaking plans. After suffering from a bad breakup, all she wants to do is enjoy the New Year’s Eve party without being paired up with a guy.

Michael is going through the same problem. He’s at the same party and his friend is trying to arrange a blind date, too. Michael has already experienced his fair share of blind dates and they’ve been disasters. Somehow he has been given the reputation of a guy who likes many different women, but that’s far from the truth. All Michael wants is to find the right woman and have a family.

This is an extremely short story that can definitely be read in one sitting. It’s cute and very sweet. It’s a clean romance. Because of the length of the book, there is no time to really delve into the development of the characters. I would have liked to read a longer version of this, but these are characters the readers will care about even for a short period of time. The book was over before I knew it. It’s a nice holiday read.

Disclosure: I got this one as a freebie for my Kindle. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Eh, not for me, but a good book for today

  2. Hi Yvonne,

    I don't read an awful lot of short stories, however occasionally they make a nice change and a good break between longer tomes!

    I have several middle aged friends who have tried the blind dating game online and most have had some pretty awful experiences, putting them off forever - definitely not an experience I ever want to have!

    Glad that you though it was an okay read and thanks for sharing.



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