Friday, August 7, 2009

2009/2010 Lynn Viehl's Darkyn Series Reading Challenge

I wasn't going to join anymore challenges, but I couldn't resist this one. J.Kaye is hosting it. If you'd like to join, just click the button above.

This challenge is to complete Lynn Viehl's Darkyn Series. Here's the series in order:


1. If Angels Burn (2005)
2. Private Demon (2005)
3. Dark Need (2006)
4. Night Lost (2007)
5. Evermore (2008)
6. Twilight Fall (2008)
* Master of Shadows, a novella, click here for more info
7. Stay the Night (2009)

If you decide to participate in the 2009/2010 Lynn Viehl's Darkyn Series Reading Challenge, be sure to post a link to this post on your blog. That way others can find their way here and join in the fun.


1) The goal is to get caught up on the Lynn Viehl's Darkyn Series, so create a list of the books you haven't read yet. You have between now and December 31, 2010. Don't include books you've read prior to or started before 8/3/09.

2) This reading challenge is for participants with a blog. If you decide to participate in the 2009/2010 Lynn Viehl's Darkyn Series, create a post on your blog telling others about this event. In your post, be sure to include the link to this post on your blog. That way others can find their way here and join in the fun.

3) If you want to have your reading list on your blog's right sidebar, then please include a link to this post.

4) Audio and eBooks count.

5) You can join anytime between now and the later part of next year.

6) When you sign up under Mr. Linky, list the direct link to your post where your library books will be listed. If you list just your blog’s URL, it will be removed. If you don’t have a blog, leave the URL blank.

7) Books to be published after signing up do not have to be listed. This is optional.

8) There will be a place for you to link your reviews, but this is optional.

9) When you have completed your number of the Stephanie Plum books, link your completed list to the completed page. One will be set up.

10)If you have any questions, feel free to ask below or email me at Comments usually get a quicker response.

I haven't read any of them, so I'll be starting at the beginning.


  1. I can't really join this one, I have so many on the go... I see that you are a challenge addict. I thought I was bad, but girl, you have a problem ;)

    I love them though, they are sooo hard to resist. Enjoy x

  2. Yes, I do have a, maybe I'm a challenge-aholic :) Seriously, though, all the challenges I'm part of are for books that have been languishing in my TBR and I wanted to read anyway. The challenges just keep me focused.

  3. So glad you are joining this one. I am a challenge-aholic too!


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