Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Have your reading tastes changed?

I've been going through my TBR looking through all my books. As I've said in the past, my TBR numbers over 10,000. I've been "collecting" books in my TBR since the late 70's, although it has gotten out of hand since I've been online which probably started in the mid-90's. That's why my TBR is so large (plus I buy alot of Harlequins and a million of them come out each month - LOL).

Anyway, in going through my library, I discovered how my reading interests have changed greatly. I still enjoy the Harlequins, but usually only when I need a break from "heavier" reading. Although, I now tend to like the lines with more intense topics and that are longer than the original Harlequin Romances.

In the past my favorite was probably the sweeter romances, now I enjoy more suspenseful, thriller types. Also, humor is a big thing for me. I used to also read historical romances, which I no longer read except for a couple of authors I like or a western romance. I seem to still enjoy those. I used to read a ton of Danielle Steel books, but now I can't remember the last time I've read one.

I'm trying to take all my older romances that I haven't read but am no longer interested in to donate them to the library. While I logically know this is a good idea, I can't seem to part with books I haven't read yet. I guess that's a personality flaw of mine. LOL The books I want to donate would probably be a gold mine to the library since they are all brand new and never have been read.

So, I'm curious, have your reading tastes changed over the years? Do you ever clean out your books and get rid of them before you've read them?

Just wondering............

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  1. I used to read a lot of chic lit but I find that I rarely enjoy it anymore.

  2. Holy Penguins!How do you store 10,000 books? Although on Craig's List, someone in our area had a listing of 15,000 books in a storage facility for sale for 300 bucks. He would graciously help the buyer move them. Ever try selling them?

  3. I have gone off romances altogether and fallen for the critically acclaimed books. This does not help my TBR pile though as it has lots of romance books in it!

  4. wow that is a lot of books! i actually decided to give up reading cozy mysteries. When i did not complete the last cozy mystery challenge, it just became clear that my preference is more literary fiction, historical or thrillers.

  5. I'm pretty young, but my reading tastes haven't really changed at all from when I was much younger. I still love to read fantasy and historical fiction and romance above all. I'm always wondering if they'll change as I get older, but not yet!

  6. My tastes have changed but my love for Harlequin Presents have remained strong through the years. Actually I started with Mills & Boon but pretty much same thing. Nowadays I try to read best sellers and classics but when I need a break -- I go to my HP.
    10,000 books, wow!

  7. I think my reading tastes have broadened. I enjoy more crime and thriller novels than I used to, but horror books have sort of fallen by the wayside these days.

    I'm not sure how many unread books I have, but its not nearly 10,000!

  8. My tastes have changed over the years. I used to read a lot of Christian fiction, especially when I worked at a Christian publishing company, but I read less now. I also read less chick lit now than I used to.

    I have given away books that I haven't read, and to me it really depends on if I think it's realistic if I'm going to read the book in the next few years. There were a few books that I gave to the library this year because I realized that I didn't want to read them anymore.

    Book blogging has definitely widen my reading horizons though. I read more general fiction and literary fiction now than before. What hasn't changed is my love for dystopian fiction, science fiction and nonfiction/memoirs.

  9. I am reading a lot more non fiction now than I used to. Sometimes, that is all I am in the mood to read! I, too, used to read Danielle Steele. I haven't read any of her books probably within the last 8 years. I still enjoy horror, and southern fiction. But I have to say that non fiction (memoirs, biographies) are my top favorite.
    You have 10,000 unread books? Wow!

  10. wow 10,000 books!!!
    My reading tastes havent changed much. I tend to gravitate towards romances, historicals or thrillers.
    I've never read a Danielle Steele book.

  11. Jenny - It's weird how tastes can change. I used to read every single time travel romance that came out, but now just a few that I've heard about.

    Kaye - My entire guest room is filled with books. You literally can't even walk in there, which is why I have such a hard time finding some of my books. LOL I never tried to sell them because I never wanted to get rid of anything I haven't read. Now, I'd rather just donate them. It's easier.

    Vivienne - That's a big problem I have too - books I'm no longer interested in are still in the TBR! LOL

    Diane - I don't think it's unusual to switch genres and grow out of old favorites. That's kind of how I feel about the sweet romances. They are a good diversion sometimes, but overall, I prefer a story with more meat to it.

    Meghan - That's good, so the books you get and those in your TBR, you know are books you still want to read. I guess my problem is knowing that alot of them in my TBR no longer interest me.

    Evy - Right, sometimes I'll want a break from best sellers, and go to one of the Harlequin lines. I don't read classics much.

    Serena - Maybe that's it - my interests have just broadened.

    Alyce - I think blogging is dangerous to my reading habits! There are so many books I never would have read if I didn't read blogs recommending books.

    Missy - It's probably been about that long since I read a Steel book, too. I still have a ton in my TBR that haven't ever been read. I figure the library will do well with these. There are still alot of fans of hers out there.

    Naida - I tend to go more towards romance and thrillers, too. Not so much the historicals anymore.

  12. I wouldn't get rid of my "Read" books too, I can't even think of giving away books I haven't read. You are very brave.

    My reading tastes have changed a lot too. I used to read a lot of Mills and Boon and Harlequin, popular thrillers. But now I reading has diversified so much. Now I read a lot of memoirs, women's fiction, literary fiction, YA and so much more. I cannot be happier :)

  13. It seems like over the years, many of us have more or less added other genres to what we enjoy reading. This is a good thing, I think.

  14. Sephenie Meyer - New Moon would be my pick

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