Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic - The Movie!

This past weekend I finally had a chance to watch the movie version of Confessions of a Shopaholic. Let me start by saying I loved Sophie Kinsella's original book. It's even one of my top reads for 2009. The second book, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, was okay but not nearly as good as the first book.

Now, about the movie. As typical with books to movies, there were things changed in the movie. Not enough things to really make me angry, but enough that it made the movie version seem so shallow. Obviously a book gives you a deeper inside as to the motivation of a character and gives you more opportunity to see a story actually develop.

A few things differences between the movie and the book...

Movie - Becky immediately gets a job with Luke.
Book - Becky gets a job with someone else and goes through a lot to avoid Luke.

Movie - Becky makes a TV guest appearance on a show with Luke.
Book - Becky is a regular on a TV show as a financial expert.

Movie - Becky lives in New York.
Book - Becky lives in London, she doesn't get to New York until book #2.

Movie - Becky's friend Suze is dating and gets engaged to Tarky.
Book - Tarky is interested in Becky, Suze is a second or third cousin. They eventually do get together, though (Tarky and Suze).

Book - Becky helps her parent's neighbors with financial advice.
Movie - The neighbors don't exist.

Book - Becky is accused of practically stalking the above neighbor's son.
Movie - The son doesn't exist either.

There were probably other differences and, on a whole, I guess the differences aren't that big a deal but...these were all things that added up to making the book so much fun. Overall, I'm glad I read the book first. If I saw the movie first, I probably wouldn't have bothered reading it. Even though I wasn't thrilled with book #2, I still intend to finish the series.

It makes me realize another thing - although I wasn't thrilled with the movie Twilight, I really might enjoy the books. I need to dust them off and take them out of my TBR.


  1. I agree... the movie did seem sort of shallow and I didn't care for it.
    The only one I haven't read yet is the last one... shopaholic and baby I think. I used to love this series. I would probably still like it if I ever went back and re-read it.

  2. I haven't see this, although I have heard of it - sounds like it could be fun, although, often it spoils it when the film is not as good as the book.

  3. The movie was cool, but not as good as the book. I missed a lot of things they changed, and why make it NY, London is made for chick-lit

  4. I havent seen this one, but I'd rather read the book first.
    Sometimes they ruin the film versions by straying from the book too much.

  5. The movie was delightful. I found myself laughing out loud several times throughout. A must watch movie. Go see it. download Confessions of a Shopaholic movie here !! Enjoy..

  6. This movie is amazing movie....Rebecca likes shopping me also like shopping....i really enjoyed the movie.. I watch confessions of a shopaholic movie online ..


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