Thursday, August 27, 2009

Booking through Thursday - Recent Fluff

Today's Question:

What’s the lightest, most “fluff” kind of book you’ve read recently?

My Answer:

I guess I'd have to say Confessions of A Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. Everything else I've been reading is more serious. I always try to get in a "lighter" read between the more serious books. It kind of breaks the tension for me, but lately I've had so many review books that were more serious and haven't had a chance for the lighter books.

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  1. I love Kinsella. . . that book may be my all-time favorite fluff.

  2. I've been trying to get her books from the library forever! I guess I'll have to put my name on a list - she's VERY popular :) Here's my BTT response.

  3. I tried to make the argument in my response that nearly all books have something redeeming, some underlying moral question to be addressed, but--having read Confessions...--you might be right. I don't think there's any way to justify reading it, other than for fluffy relief.

  4. I don't read much fluff these days, but I have plenty of it.

  5. I agree...I would put Sophie Kinsella's books in the Fluff Category. I don't read them because I don't like fluff...I am into more serious subjects, I suppose. But you are right about breaking up the monotony...serious can't be good all of the time!

  6. I'd say the Shopaholic books are the ultimate fluff - light & fun!

  7. I haven't read anything by Kinsella. I should probably get off of my duff. :) I kind of jump around. I use to read totally dark horror and suspense. When I got pregnant, I did a total turn around because I really thought it would be better for my child. I jumped into Og Mandino and a lot of self help books and positive affirmation types of stuff. I have to say, I loved Og, but I was really excited to get back into some nasty horror once I had my lil guy. :)

  8. I agree. I read so many heavy books that a lighter read is essential, just to chill. I always have one handy.
    Great pic :-)

    You'll find mine here.


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