Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2012 ARC Reading Challenge

Yet another fun challenge for me :) This is hosted by Jamie at The Eclectic Bookshelf.

I am using the term "ARC" loosely here in the name of this challenge. I will go over what reading material qualifies for this challenge below.

What qualifies for this challenge?:

1. Actual Advance Reader Copies - this includes from tour sites like ATW Tours.
2. Any book that YOU ARE ASKED by either an author, publisher, publicist, media group, etc. to review.
3. Book Sneeze, Pump Up your Books, Tyndale and S&S Galley Grab ("they send out a monthly list & the first ~100 to get to their site gets the book to review").

What does NOT qualify for this challenge?:

1. Any book that YOU personally asked for a review copy of.
2. Netgalley

The Rules:

Anyone can join.
You don't need a blog to participate.
Non-Bloggers: Post your list of books in the comment section of the monthly wrap-up post on Jamie's blog.
Audio, eBooks, and bound books count.
No need to list your books in advance. You may select books as you go. Even if you list them now, you can change the list if needed.
Create a sign up post and link to the linky below.
Challenge runs from January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012.
Crossover challenges is ok

There are four levels:

The Mini ARC Challenge – Read 4 ARC's.
The "Fun Size" ARC Challenge – Read 10 ARC's.
The Jumbo Size ARC Challenge – Read 20 ARC's.
The Mega size ARC Challenge – Read 21+ ARC's.

NOTE: You may UPGRADE your challenge but you can NOT DOWNGRADE your challenge.

I'm going for the "Fun Size" ARC Challenge and I'll be listing my books here...

1. Citizen Insane by Karen Cantwell (Click for review).
2. Melinda and the Wild West by Linda Weaver Clarke (Click here for review.)
3. The Less You Know by Jenny Ashley (Click for review.)
4. Little Shop of Homicide by Denise Swanson (Click for review.)
5. Hot Chocolate by Dawn Greenfield Ireland (Click for review.)
6. A Grand Murder by Stacy Verdick Case (Click for review.)
7. Chocolate Covered Murder by Leslie Meier (Click for review.)
8. Showstoppers by Helen Smith (Click for review.)
9. Ecstatic Evil by Amanda McNeil (Click for review.)
10. Shore Excursion by Marie Moore (Click for review.)

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