Monday, November 14, 2011

Musing Mondays - Book Collections

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This week’s musing asks…

Are you currently collecting any authors? Why?
Do you have all of their books? If not, why not?
Did you buy all the books in the collection at the same time, or did you buy a book here, a book there? Have you actually read all of the collection? If not, why not?

My Answer...

I used to collect all books by James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, Nora Roberts and Debbie Macomber. I bought everything they wrote as soon as each book was released. Of course I never actually read them when they were released and I still have quite a few in my TBR but those were my favorites.

Over the years, I "discovered" other authors and genres that I like so these authors had to share my time with my newly discovered authors. I'm sure everyone has the same thing - not enough hours in the day to read everything we want.

Now, I don't really collect any books. I tend to borrow more from the library, especially since they have a wonderful ebook collection, too. Plus I get alot of freebies for my Nook and it saves me some money not collecting. I know we're all looking for ways to save.

How about you? Do you collect books?

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  1. Great collections! I have most of them too! :)

  2. I collect hardcovers of Mary Higgins Clark, she got me into mystery and I read them as soon as they are released.

    The new author for me is Heath Sommer of the Manufactured Identity trilogy.

  3. My collections have been showing up on my daughter's bookshelves. LOL! Oh well, at least someone is reading them.

  4. I agree, there's not enough hours in the day to read everything I want to ... I'm trying though. :)

  5. LOL, yup, more hours in the day would be great :)

    Here's mine:

  6. I just need to quite work, then I'd have way more hours in the day.

    I don't really collect any authors that I can think of.

  7. Hi Yvonne,

    I don't strictly speaking 'collect' authors, but there are a few whose new releases I tend to keep buying, if I see them at a reduced rate somewhere.

    These will typically be in the crime/thriller genre, as my dad reads those as well..... Kathy Reichs, James Patterson, Tess Gerritsen, Patricia Cornwell, Mary Higgins Clark etc.

    My problem is that I don't keep each authors books together on my shelves, so I then end up reading them out of sequence. Quite often it doesn't matter too much as they work well as stand alone stories, however there are often elements of a pesonal nature to the main character, which need to be read in sequence to full understand them.

    Never mind, one day I may be that organised!!!



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