Thursday, August 30, 2012

Booking through Thursday - Conversions

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This week's question...

Do you find yourself thinking that the books you read would be good on film? Do you wish the things you watched on TV or in the movies were available as book?

Some really can’t be converted, of course, but some definitely can (and it’s not always the ones you think will work). There’s something to be said for different forms of media, but a good story is universal … or is it??

My answer...

Yes, sometimes I'll read a book and think it would make a good movie. I've never really did it the opposite way and wish something were available as a book. Usually they already are books or I just enjoy watching the show for that moment.

The book I recently read that I think would make a great movie is...

I'm sure there have been others over the years, but this stands out because it was so recent.


  1. That one does look like it would be a good movie...

    I do love movies as much as books, I think, and do like to imagine certain books on the screen. Here's MY THURSDAY MEMES POST

  2. Sometimes you just read an amazing scene and you just wish you could see it on screen. That's why there are so many fangirls, we just love to see our favourite characters come to life! Thanks for sharing :)
    My Thursday Answer
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  3. I enjoy the movies, but really like a good book in itself.

  4. I agree with you some really can't be converted.

  5. I like to imagine my books rather than watching it on screen!

    Here is my post!

  6. I've never really wished a movie of show was a book either.


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