Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop

I found this great Pet Blogger Hop that I thought looked like fun. It's hosted every Saturday by Two Little Cavaliers. This week they are having a party - the Extreme Pet Bloggers Blog Hop.


This event is a part of the weekly Pet Bloggers Blog Hop which has been going on every weekend since April of 2010! I decided that the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop needed to throw a party and so we are. It is called the Extreme Pet Bloggers Blog Hop and all Bloggers with Pets are welcome to join us and introduce their pets and their blogs. There will be meeting and greeting, lots and lots of giveaways, and promotion of animal rescues and shelters around the world. Unlike a regular Blog Hop that is really set up for ONLY Bloggers to participate this event will encourage reader participation even if you don’t have your own blog if you have a Facebook account, Twitter account, if you are addicted to Pinterest check out our two adoptable pet boards and consider repinning any of the pets that you see there. These boards will be added to throughout the week so don’t forget to stop back and check them out.

My regular readers already know about my fur babies, but for those who don't - and to fit in with the blog hop - here's a brief look at my kitties...

I'll start with Socrates, since the blog is named after him. He's the cat in the logo on top of my blog and he's also the one in my sidebar. He's about 15-16 years old. We adopted him from a friend who couldn't take care of him any longer. We've had him since he was 9 months.

Then there's Cookie. She's approximately 5 and we adopted her when she landed on our doorstep and wouldn't take no for an answer. Who could refuse such a sweetie? She was 2 when we adopted her. So, we've had her for about 3 years. Below is a little animation I made of her playing. She loves her toys.

create a gif
create a gif

In June I lost my precious Geiger. He was 17 and I still can't believe he's gone. It's been hard, but we keep moving on.

So, that's my little family of fur babies.  I'm looking forward to hopping around and meeting all the other fur babies out there.


  1. Welcome to the Blog Hop! Thanks for visiting us - nice to meetcha! *paw waves!*

    It's nice to meet Socrates and Cookie...and we're so terribly sorry we didn't get to know Geiger before he went to the Rainbow Bridge.

    Our mommy still leaks all over us from time to time when she misses Ryker (whispers: we hasta wring out our soggy tails from time to time!).

  2. I've just come across from the Extreme pet bloggers blog hop to say hi. Welcome to the Blog hop.

    I love the gif. Cookie looks just like my little brother Cody he loves to play.

    I'm now following you.



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