Saturday, July 26, 2014

Review: Free Agent by Roz Lee

Erotic Romance


State of Mind Publishing

Release Date:
May 2013

The Mustangs’ star baseball player, Todd Stevens, is ready to take his career to the next level. His current contract is about to expire and, once the season is over, he’s going to go into free agency and try to score the largest contract he can. If it means making his home in a different town, so be it. If the Mustangs can’t or won’t meet the best offer, then he’s prepared to make the switch to a different baseball team.

There’s more than just money missing from Todd’s life, though. He’s not sure exactly what it is, but he knows he needs more to be happy in life. When a friend convinces him to go to a local club for Doms and Subs, Todd gets the life change he has been looking for and never expects to find.

Brooke has been so busy getting her specialty bakery up and running that she hasn’t had any time for fun. When she goes to a local club and spots a handsome Dom across the room, she finds herself obsessing about him for weeks. Once they meet again, they are both hooked and enter into a contract, but they both know it’s only short term since Todd plans to leave town in a few months.

I got this as a freebie last year as I’m a huge baseball fan and love baseball romances. This is a prequel to the rest of the series which is about the Mustangs’ baseball team. What I didn’t realize was that it’s an erotic, bdsm story. It’s not my usual kind of genre to read, but, I must admit, I was hooked from the start. I couldn’t put it down. Since it’s a short story, it didn’t take long to read.

I like the author’s writing style and, although it’s a novella, I felt that the characters were well developed. This wasn’t just about sex (although most of it was – LOL), there is a story here too. I felt myself wanting more which is a good thing. I already have the rest of the series on my Kindle.

Warning: Do not read this book in public places. Keep it to read at home. The sexual scenes are very explicit. Each page is on fire – it nearly melted my Kindle!

For reading challenges:
2014 Just For Fun Reading Challenge

Disclosure: I bought this book as a freebie for my own Kindle collection. All opinions expressed are my own.

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