Thursday, February 5, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

Today's question:

Have you ever been put off an author’s books after reading a biography of them? Or the reverse - a biography has made you love an author more?

My answer:

I can't remember ever reading anything about an author that either made me want to read their books or not read them. However, if I have an author I love to read, I will certainly check out more information about the author such as what else they've written, what other genres, etc. etc. The personal stuff I don't really care about. I'm more interested in the type of work they write and base what I read on that. Although, I guess, if I read something really awful about an author I wouldn't want to support them by buying their book. That hasn't happened to me yet, though.


  1. Lately I have visited contemporary author's websites. A few have interested me but I go there only after reading their books. Not before.

    Here is my BTT post!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I like to get a bit more information on the authors that I like as well. Like you though I am not that intersted in the personal stuff though unless they make a point of saying that it has directly affected their writing. Happy BTT!GR

  3. Yes, you and I agree. It the book we're interested in, not the person writing it. Happy Booking Through Thursday!

  4. I feel pretty much the same - I don't usually try to find out very much about the personal life or views of the authors I read. I prefer to let the work speak for itself.

  5. Some personal information has more of an effect on me than other information.

  6. I pretty much agree. Usually knowing more about an author enhances my enjoyment of their work, for their own "life story" and personality has to go into their work.

  7. That hasn't happened to me yet either, luckily. I like knowing a bit of personal stuff about my favourite authors, especially when it changes how I see something in the book.

  8. You always have the neatest cat photos, Yvonne!

    I admit I find tidbits about authors' lives interesting, especially if its an author I am familiar with.


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