Sunday, February 22, 2009

Once Upon a Valentine’s by Holly Jacobs

Harlequin American #1247
February, 2009

Holly Jacbos takes us back to Erie, Pennsylvania for another visit with the PTA moms and their Social Planning Committee. This time Carly Lewis is in charge of the upcoming holiday event which happens to be the Valentine’s dance. The last thing Carly wants in her life is romance. After discovering her husband and his secretary having sex on the couch Carly bought for his office, Carly’s outlook on romance is a bit different than her naïve younger days.

Carly wins the couch in the divorce settlement. She promptly takes it into the backyard and sets it on fire. Unfortunately, her neighbor’s shed goes up in flames as well and Carly is arrested for committing a crime. The judge sentences her to community service with Lieutenant Charles Jefferson. Carly did not need another thing on her “to-do” list which already consists of taking care of her two children, studying for her nursing board and planning the Valentine’s dance. However, she has no choice unless she wants to be held in contempt of court.

Charles “Chuck” Jefferson has a policy. He doesn’t date any woman after six weeks. As crazy as Carly’s life is, he finds himself enchanted with the woman and wants nothing more than to break his own policy. How can he convince the harried mother to let him into her very private world?

This is the third book of Holly Jacobs’ series and I’ve loved all three. These characters are so true-to-life and they are women you want to see succeed. Readers will love each of these heroines and their “to-die-for” heroes. I read this book in just one day and hope Holly Jacobs takes us back to this series. I just know the Judge has a romance of his own on the horizon.

This gets the Socrates’ Great Book Alert medal.

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