Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Heart Surgeon’s Secret Son by Janice Lynn

Harlequin Medical

Genre: Romance

Fifteen years ago Kimberly Brookes walked out of Daniel Travis’ life. She didn’t want to interfere with schooling and his career path to becoming a successful doctor. She knew the last thing he needed was a commitment to any woman, especially a woman pregnant with his child. So, Kimberly sacrificed her happiness, broke up with Daniel and secretly raised their child without his knowledge.

Today, Kimberly is a nurse for Cardico, a company that markets a pacemaker. A pacemaker created by the successful Dr. Daniel Travis. Kimberly is assigned the task of learning about the pacemaker directly from Daniel. Her greatest fear is that he should discover she is the mother of his fifteen year old son. She prayed he’d never find out and try to take the boy away from her.

Old sparks ignite when Kimberly and Daniel come face to face once again. Their old feelings resurface, but how could they last with such a huge secret between them?

This story flows beautifully and the characters are complex individuals with realistic qualities. This was another quick read which I enjoyed immensely. I’ve never read this author before, but I’ll be looking for more of her books.

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