Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Thingers

Today's question: Do you use a rating system on your blog? How do you feel about using the rating system provided on sites like Library Thing and Amazon? When looking up information on a book you are interested in, do you use the ratings provided by these sites (or similar sites) to help you make the decision on purchasing the book?

My answer: No, I don't use a rating system on my blog. I originally thought about doing that, but then decided against it. I do keep a journal for my own use with ratings (1-5 stars) just so I can remind myself if I liked a particular genre, author, series, etc. On my blog this year, I decided to give a "Great Book Alert" medal for those books that I truly thought were outstanding. I thought it would be fun at the end of the year to look back and see which books I loved the most.

As for all the sites with ratings, I admit that I do read them. I don't make my decisions of whether to buy a book or not because of the ratings. In fact, often I don't read the ratings and reviews until after I finish a book. I like to see if people felt the same way I did. I tend not to read the reviews before because I've noticed that sometimes people give away a plot point and I don't like spoilers for my books. I like to be surprised. That's a pet peeve of mine - I feel reviews should be a basic outline of the story and the reviewer's opinions of it, not the entire story so there's no point in reading it for yourself.

This was a fun question, thanks for posting it Wendi. If you want to join Tuesday Thingers, click the button above.


  1. wow...I lot of cats on your blog.... ;-)

    I don't mind a spoiler or two because I figure I will forget it before I read the book.

  2. That's a great idea with the book medal.

  3. I love the book medal idea! I know that sort of thing can really make those 'Favorite reads of..." easier (what can I say, I'm always thinking ahead).

  4. Oh - those cats look so nice and cozy!

    I love your Great Book Alert! What a great idea.

    I also tend to agree with you on reviews and not wanting to read about the whole story. I enjoy reading about the basic plot, but don't want to read too much about the book!

    Thanks for stopping by and participating in Thingers last week! I've got the post up for this week. ~ Wendi


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