Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unearthed – An anthology with stories by Shawn McPike, David A. Stelzig, Seth E. Lender and Edmond Cheng

Genre: Mystery

I was asked to review the story by Edmond Cheng, “Illusion”. So, this review is only about that one.

The story opens with a couple tossing a dead body into the sea in the middle of the night in Hong Kong. Nobody sees this and the couple is satisfied their mission is accomplished.

The reader is hooked into this story right from the start. Things only get more mysterious.

A top executive at a leading Hong Kong firm, Thomas Chen, receives the promotion of a lifetime. He has a beautiful wife, Karen, and he’s on top of the world. Then, his best friend’s mother visits him at his office with a dire warning begging him to help Jonathan and his marriage. She warns Thomas, if he doesn’t help, there will be consequences to pay. He doesn’t get a chance to tell Jonathan anything when he learns that his friend’s mother died several weeks before she came to Thomas’ office, but how is that possible?

Thomas receives a call from Jonathan and races to his apartment only to find he’s been murdered and Thomas is about to pay the price. Someone has framed him and he’s sure it’s Jonathan’s wife. When his own wife is kidnapped, Thomas doesn’t know where to turn as the police don’t believe a word he says.

Strange things happen to Thomas and he’s more confused than ever.

Readers will have fun trying to figure this story out as it takes so many twists and turns. Things aren’t always as they seem. This is a story filled with intrigue, mystery, deception and illusions as well as a cast of characters that will both delight and horrify.

Mr. Cheng’s writing is very smooth and he puts the reader right into the story. You really feel as if you are in Hong Kong going through everything with Thomas. Just when you think you know what’s going on, you find out you’re very wrong. It’s a quick read and I’m looking forward to reading more stories by this author.

You can learn more about this book at Midnight Showcase.

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