Monday, September 26, 2011

Musing Mondays - Giving up on a book

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This week’s musing asks…

What does it take for you to give up on a book you’re reading?

My answer...

In the *olden* days, I used to finish every book I picked up - good or bad. Today, I have too many books waiting to be read and/or reviewed to waste time reading something I'm not liking very much.

I give it about 50ish pages. If I don't care about the characters or even care about the plot, I'll put the book aside. I don't necessarily give up on it completely. I just put it aside and often I've gone back to reading it months later and ended up really liking the book.

Also, if I find I'm dragging myself through the book - almost forcing myself to get through each page, I know it's time to give it up. If I can find almost an excuse to put the book down and do something else, then the book is obviously not holding my attention (although that's not true all the time - often there are just real life things getting in the way of reading, we all have that happen).

Bottom line - If I can't get attached to the characters or the plot, it's time to give it up. If I find I'm bored and almost just "going through the motions of reading", it's time to give it up.

How about you?

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  1. You're so right about too many other books waiting to devote a lot of time to a book you are not enjoying. Just give it up and move one!

  2. I agree with you and Kaye, if it can't hold my attention or is boring give it up.

  3. Great musing. I feel the same way; if a book fails to engage me after I give it a try, I may not finish it.

  4. If it is too boring, or too icky then I give up. Too little time to spend reading something you do not like

  5. Once I make the commitment to read past the first page, I pretty much hang on to the end. Lately I've been reading books by authors my friends highly recommended, so even if the writing or story is dreadful in the first 50, I assume there must be something worth hanging in for. But boy, there's nothing worse than wasting good reading time on a bad book.

  6. I have the hardest time abandoning a book but I think it is really smart to do so. Life is too short (the older I get the more I realize this) to stay with a book that I'm not enjoying!

  7. Totally agree! Life is too short to waste time reading a bad book.


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