Sunday, September 4, 2011

Who the Heck Are You?

I love the comedy "The Middle" with Patricia Heaton and I couldn't resist taking this test. Somehow, I think it's quite accurate. LOL


  1. I love The Middle also...the bad thing is it usually is on at the same time as other shows that I watch.

    I don't DVR and all, I am in the Stone Age lol.

    Patricia Heaton is originally from Cleveland like me. Her father (Chuck Heaton who passed away) was a long time Sports Writer at Ohio's largest newspaper (The Plain Dealer) I worked there as well and my Dad was the Editorial Cartoonist there.

    Her brother (Michael) writes for the Plain Dealer and he went to Kent State the same time that I did and worked at the Plain Dealer when I did (although he is still there)

    More info than you wanted, eh? lol

  2. The Middle is one of my faves too, can't help but love Brick.


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