Thursday, June 30, 2011

Booking Through Thursday - Size Matters

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This week's question...

What’s the largest your personal library has ever been? What’s the greatest number of books you’ve ever owned at one time? (Estimates are fine.)

Is your collection NOW the biggest it’s ever been? Or have you down-sized?

What’s the fewest number of books you’ve ever owned (not counting your pre-reading years)?

My answer...

I've already said this before, my current TBR is over 10,000 books which is ridiculous. In recent weeks I've been downsizing. There are some books I'm never going to read at this point. As you can imagine, it takes years to get so many books and in those years my reading tastes have changed.

I'm in the process now of downsizing. I've donated books to my local library and other organizations and I haven't even made a dent in getting the TBR down. However, I'm going to keep at it and it will happen eventually.

The fewest books I ever had probably goes back to before I ever went online which would be the early 90's, late 80's. I had maybe 20 books in my TBR. Somewhat more manageable than it is now. LOL

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  1. TEN THOUSAND!??! Oh. My. Gosh. I thought my TBR pile was bad, but yours beats it hands down!!! :)

    Haven't a clue how many in my library or TBR pile. I've stopped cleaning out because husband then sees a nice clear space and fills it with more of his books (and he *never* throws a book out!)

    Since the (blessed) advent of eBooks I find I'm keeping reference books and classics in paperback and buying the rest on my Kindle so I never have to throw another book away. I can keep 3500 books per Kindle - it'll take me more years than I have to read to fill a room of Kindle libraries!
    Judy, South Africa

  2. Man, I thought I was bad at about a measly 300 in my TBR stacks! Good luck with your purge!

  3. You have absolutely made my day!!! I only roughly counted the books on my 10 book cases and didn't go near the attic... so I came out at a little over 4000... wow 10,000 books. It must be a little like living within your own personal library. I always wanted to have my own library - a room with books on every wall - like in the old stately homes... nope I don't own one of those either. Thank you for your great post.

  4. Judy - Now that I have my Nook, I only want to get books to download. I don't even want physical books anymore, which is making my TBR downsizing even easier lately.

    Just Mom - Thanks...when I got addicted to books, I really got addicted. LOL

    Nikki - They took over my entire guest room and I couldn't even stack them nicely. They were in stacks that were teetering over. I could never find anything I wanted. I so love my Nook! It's so orderly.

  5. You have 10,000 books in your TBR pile? Ohmygosh, I can't even-- Good luck with your "downsizing" mission. :)

  6. Wow - 10,000 books - leaves me speechless:) I am a borrower, however, so I own only something about 150 book (and growing). I had more books, but I considerably downsized during moving last year.

  7. Wow! That is really what I have to say. I wouldnt even know how to select a book with that many. Wow! Good luck with all that.

    My BTT answer.

  8. Can I come browse your bookstore? LOL. The Nook sounds like a great tool. I do love to hold books in my hand, though...

  9. When you say 10,000 TBR, do you mean you haven't read any of these?

    Or are they your total books collected?

    Either way, that's a LOT of books!

    I don't feel so bad that I have difficulty giving away books....

    Here's MY BTT POST

  10. Let me add my own WOW! to all the others! And here I was thinking I had a lot of books. I really need to show this post to my husband, then maybe he'll stop complaining about all the books I've got piled up everywhere.

  11. 10,000 on the TBR pile has me beat...even if I count the books I don't actually own. Wow, indeed!

    And not even wanting physical books anymore? That has me stunned as well. I'm a very tactile person. Gotta have real books in my hand....

    Here's my answer:

  12. Wow! that's a lot books, a great collection.

    Here's mine:

  13. Wow! Do you own all of them or is this a virtual TBR?

  14. Stopping by on the hop and I just have to say that I think your blog is adorable! I love the cat in your title layout :)

    And I thought I had a huge TBR when I answered that question with 3000 or so books last time.

    Here's my answer to this week's question:

  15. Yvonne, you could start your own library with all those books!!


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