Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Salon - Mid Year Review

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I finished two books this week...

A Canterbury Crime by Brian Kavanagh
Settling by Shelley Workinger (I'll post the review for this during my blog tour on July 2nd - includes a book giveaway - make sure to stop by and enter!)

I'm currently reading The Summoner by Layton Green - Wow, this is a great one and I'm only halfway through! I've had this one to review for awhile and I'm finally getting to it. I wish I had gotten to it sooner. This is an amazing book. Hopefully I'll have a review later in the week.

Now for my mid-year review -

So far,

I've completed 53 books so far, so maybe I'll actually reach 100 by the end of the year. Last year I fell short.

Completed Challenges: 7
Challenges still to go: 13

I guess I haven't done too badly, but I have a long way to go. I'm not sure I'll complete all those challenges but I might get to finish a few more.

So, how did you do for the first half of the year?

Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Good job, Yvonne.

    I just checked my stats, which I keep on my Curl up and Read site; I've read 83 books so far this year, which exceeds last year.

    In 2010, I read 143 books for the year. So halfway would have been 71 books.

    Wow! I think we're going to do okay, Yvonne. Keep going!


  2. You've had a fantastic year so far!

  3. Heehee! That kitty looks so content on its treadmill! ;)

    And wow, that's a heap of reading. Best of luck with your goals!


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