Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ecstasy by Bella Andre



Release Date:
February 2010

Charlie is a well-known popular published author of erotic romances. Candace is working hard to become just as successful in the same genre, but she’s a novice and needs help. When her favorite author offers his help, Candace is more than willing to accept it.

Charlie arranges his schedule to give Candace the lessons she needs to help her writing career. This means “on-the-job” training in the world of erotic romance. Charlie only meant to assist the aspiring author in her career, he never expects to fall in love with her.

Candace finds herself falling in love as well, but she’s also determined to be a successful writer. She betrays Charlie in her excitement to be an author. Can Charlie ever forgive her?

I’ve never read a Bella Andre book but I’ve heard so much about her books that I had to try one and this one was hot! Scalding, in fact! My ereader nearly melted. LOL! The book isn’t all about sex, there’s a storyline here, too, and it was very well written. I’ve already downloaded a few more books by this author. They are a nice diversion from the stress of a regular work day.

If sweet romances are your thing, don’t read this one. But, if you like your romances spicy, this one’s for you.

Disclosure: I got this book free from Kobo Books as a promo, not for a review. I’m reading and reviewing this on my own. All opinions are my own.

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