Sunday, December 13, 2015

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Happy Sunday!

It's almost officially winter and Christmas is right around the'd never know it here by the weather. I didn't even need a coat today. We are breaking records with temps in the mid-60's. It's weird, but I'm not minding it one bit :)

I've been on a roll with some great books and I have some more good ones coming up.  I already scheduled more blog tours for January than I intended.  Story of my life.  LOL  However, I'm having fun so what's the harm?

There are one or two more reading challenges I still wanted to join.  I just haven't had a chance to sign up, but I will in the next week or so.

I think I only have a couple of TV shows with new episodes left.  So, I'm doing well with my TV viewing as well.

It's a crazy time of year for everyone.  I hope you are all managing to find time to enjoy it, too.  Have a great week and read lots of great books!


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Wednesday:  Blog Tour:  The Iced Princess by Christine Husom (Spotlight/Guest Post)

Thursday:  Blog Tour:  Yarned and Dangerous by Sadie Hartwell (Review)

Friday:  Review:  Cupidity by Patricia Wood

Blog Tours/Hops Coming Up Next Week

Monday: Blog Tour: Murder Fir Christmas by Joyce and Jim Lavene (Review)

Wednesday:  Blog Tour:  The Noise Beneath the Apple by Heather Jacks (Spotlight/Guest Post)

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What was your week like? What are you reading this week?


  1. I'm curious about Teatime with Mrs. Grammar Person...and you have a great haul...enjoy!

    I still have some TV shows to catch up, maybe.

    Enjoy your week, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

    1. Teatime does look good. I have a couple of TV shows to still watch, but for the most part I'm up to date :)

      GH has really been great, hasn't it?

      Have a great week!

  2. Yay for good books! It's nice when that happens. We've had similar weather and I'm loving it! It does detract a little from the Christmas feel but I can deal. :D

    You've got some good looking books coming up and the grammar teatime book looks interesting, will you review it?

    Have a great week!

    1. It definitely doesn't feel like Christmas but I'm wearing shorts and even used the a/c in my car. This is too weird for December in New York.

      Yes, I will be reviewing the Teatime book.

      You have a great week too!

  3. We're having the same weather here... unseasonably warm. Thats OK though :) Dec is flying by hard to believe only two weeks... I've been catching up on shows too and it's kinda nice.

    Glad you have some good books coming down the pike. Enjoy your week!

  4. I'm loving the warm December as well though my husband was just complaining that it didn't feel like Christmas! You got some fantastic books that just arrived and that you're reading. As usual I just want them all! I'm so behind on my TV viewing. I'm hoping to have some time to just catch up soon. Have a great week!

  5. I enjoyed your review of Yarned and I'm looking at some of those other cozies! I really enjoyed Murder Fir Christmas and look forward to reading your review. I'm sitting in the house with the AC running. LOL Been very hot all week but supposed to cool into the 60s this coming week.

    My Sunday Post -

  6. Love the cover of your current read. All the bloggers are talking about the warm weather. Enjoy.

  7. I would not mind that warm weather either

  8. Teatime with Mrs Grammar Person looks very interesting!

    Here's my Monday list:

  9. LOL...I had to laugh because I accepted more books than I intended and yes..such is life!!! Hava wonderful week Yvonne

  10. Some great looking books and I hope you have time to enjoy the weather before it turns on you. Happy reading.
    sherry @ fundinmental My Sunday Memes

  11. Your books look wonderful and I have just put Mrs Grammar into my wish list because I could do with a brush up!

  12. oh wow, look at stabbing in the senate right there! looks mighty interesting. :)

  13. We have been having nice weather too.

    Going to get chilly tonight.

    Looks like you had a good week and this week had some good posts too.

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading


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