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The Weekend Review - January 2nd - 4th

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Hi Everyone!  Happy New Year!

I'm so looking forward to this fresh new year.  Hopefully it will be an improvement from 2020.  Both in my reading and everything else going on in the world around me.  

I get to start all my reading challenges over and begin anew.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't make New Year's resolutions as I never keep them.  I do have a couple of reading goals, though.  My biggest goal is to start reading books off my shelf in addition to whatever review books I get.  I haven't been able to do that in recent years, but I'm trying to cut back on the review books.  The tours you see below are reviews that have been scheduled for the last couple of months, so I will get those done.  I'll probably add more along the way but I definitely will be cutting back.

My next reading goal is to make more reading time.  There's no reason I can't do this.  My TV viewing time has been limited due to shows being delayed by the pandemic, but I also need to stay away from the news.  At least not be so addicted to it which happened since the pandemic began.  I've gotten that more under control now.  I want to get back to reading at least 100 books as I've done for years until 2020.

It's been a quiet holiday season here and now it's time to see where the new year takes us.  I wish only good, happy, and healthy things for everyone.  Happy 2021!

Have a great week!

Blog Tours/Spotlights/Reviews/Giveaways Coming Up Next Week

Monday:  Review:  Crime Scene Connection by Deena Alexander (Blog Tour/Tour-Wide Giveaway)

Thursday:  Spotlight:  Wedding Bear Blues by Meg Macey (Blog Tour/Tour-Wide Giveaway)

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Here are this week's Kindle freebie haul. They were freebies when I got them, I don't know if they still are. Always make sure to check they are still free before buying. The prices change quickly.  

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  1. I think your reading goals are worthy ones. It's lovely to read as much as possible off our shelves, and sometimes I find that review books tend to take over the reading of books that I'm eager to read. I have found that it has been good for me to stay back from most of the news, too. Good luck with your goals for 2021.

    I always love to see the covers of romances with Texas gentlemen. I tell my husband all the time that he could be the man on the cover!

    And Our Italian Summer looks wonderful. Enjoy!

  2. You have some tempting books on your stacks. I am eyeing Wrong Alibi and Are We There Yet?

    Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder looks good, too.

    Stay safe and well, and enjoy your reading!

  3. Nice selection of books. :) I hope you are successful in reading more of your own books. It's a good goal. Good luck and happy New Year!

  4. I'm joining quite a few challenges this year and definitely planning to read more from my shelves. Hope you have a great reading year ahead. Happy New Year!

  5. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year! With lots of reading. XO

  6. happy New Year!

    I have seen the Marion Lane book on a couple blogs today during my STS rounds, it looks great and I hope you love it!

    Here is my post, happy reading!

  7. I don't do resolutions either. Why bother haha? A Cruise for Murder looks fun. Hope you had a nice New Year!!!

  8. I feel the same way about resolutions. I wish you well with your reading goals. They sound very reasonable. I hope you are enjoying Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder. I have that one on my TBR shelf. Enjoy all your new books! Have a Happy New Year, Yvonne.

  9. Happy New Year Yvonne! I hope this year will bring us closer to our old normal, and that we'll all stay safe and healthy!
    I don't do resolutions either, but I have made some small plans. Like trying to go for a quick walk a couple of times per week, just to be outside and do something for myself.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading :)

  10. I generally stay from the news too. It just puts us on an edge throughout the day. I go overboard with the resolutions, and fairly keep up with them too. Have a great new year!

  11. You are busy busy in the new year already! That's good. I like your goal setting/resolution for the new year. I'm also going to try to read more books already on my shelves. Kindle and physical. But I won't commit to a challenge to doing that, for I am weak....

    I'm looking forward to the purrfect reading challenge! I'm busy with a book about a cat at the moment, but it's not a mystery. There will be enough of those to come!

    Have a good week Yvonne!

    Elza Reads

  12. Reading my physical TBR shelves is my main goal this year, I have to, I need the space ! I wish you a happy new year, with good books and cat cuddles - always a nice part ;)

  13. That Jennifer Probst book looks really good. I haven't picked up anything by her in years. Have a great reading week!

  14. Yes... I know what you mean about reading more from our own shelves! I need to try to do more of that, too:)). I can recommend First Flyght on the free Kindle list - it's a lot of fun if you want a blast of space opera to get January going. Have a good reading week, Yvonne:)

  15. Happy New Year to you too! 🎆 Here's to a happier, healthier and easier 2021, and to reaching your reading goals. 🤞😊

  16. I have the same goal as you of reading books off my shelf. I'm excited about my challenges too this year. Our Italian Summer caught my eye. I have to look it up. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Good luck with your reading goal for the year!

    Wishing you a great reading week, and a happy new year 🥳

  18. Totally with you on reading from our own shelves and less watching the news! Happy reading this week.

  19. I'm with you about staying away from the news. I got too sucked into that in 2020 and it really took a toll on my mental health.

    Happy New Year! (Melinda @ A Web of Stories)

  20. Didn't know about the Brenda Novak book--off to find it. I really enjoyed Vineyard at Painted Moon

  21. I don't do resolutions for the same reason - I always feel like I'm setting myself up for failure. I cut back on arc reviewing this year and feel so much better for it. I got to the point where the "pressure" to read a book meant I didn't enjoy it, even when I know I normally would have done.
    My reading goals for this year are to diversify the genres I read, read a few non-fiction books and to clear some of my TBR list of books I've actually bought and not read yet.
    Have a great 2021!

  22. I don't really do resolutions or reading goals. I prefer to be pretty free range after my review books are read. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  23. I'm hoping to read more off my own shelves this year as well. I'm not sure that it'll happen as I'm easily distracted by new and shiny books but fingers crossed! Hope you're having a great week!


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