Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cruise Ship Chronicles: Cozumel Cool by James Vaughn




Release Date:
January 2011

This was a fun, short romance set on a cruise ship heading for Cozumel. James and Jodi have always been best friends. Both of them need a break from their everyday busy lives and what better escape than a trip to Mexico? They each have brief romances on board the ship, but it never feels quite right. Is it possible the only romance they really want is with each other? After all these years, it doesn’t seem possible.

I enjoyed this. It was a quick, hot romance. It fit in with my vacation mode. I wasn’t on a cruise ship but I was in Mexico. The characters were likeable and, even though it was a short book, you could get a real feel for these characters. I received this one free from Kobo Books.

I noticed there are a series of books by this author set on cruise ships sailing to different places. I already have them downloaded to my Nook. I intend to read them all. Now that I’m back in reality, I need an escape and these will make a good one.

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  1. Sometimes you just need a book like this. Especially when on holiday.


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