Monday, May 23, 2011

Montezuma’s Intrigue by Linda Weaver Clarke

Suspense, Mystery

American Book Publishing

EBook (but available as a paperback)

Release Date:
June 2011

The whole Evans family is back for another wild and dangerous adventure. This time they have Grandpa along for the ride. When John and Julia’s three daughters discover a hidden family treasure map, they convince their parents to conduct their own search for the fortune. They run into all sorts of danger along the way – including an enemy of Julia’s who is intent to make her pay for their past troubles.

Julia’s daughter, Faith, meets up with a handsome archaeologist who seems just a bit too interested in their hunt for the treasure. Faith is sure the guy’s only interest is in her, but her friends and family fear he has ulterior motives.

As the search begins, Julia’s father tells the family of how he met their grandmother. A story he never told anyone before, not even Julia. The family is enraptured by his tale and eager to learn more about their family’s history, but the story comes to a crashing halt when their lives are threatened by treasure seekers.

This story mixes adventure, suspense and romance into one captivating story. The addition of Julia’s parents’ romance makes a nice backdrop to the mystery surrounding the hidden treasure. Readers will be enchanted by the entire family, as well as gripped by the terror inflicted on them by the bad guys.

I do hope we will visit with the Evans’ family again. They are so enjoyable to get to know.

Book Release Celebration for Mystery/Adventure Novel

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Today is a special day. Linda Weaver Clarke usually interviews authors and has a book giveaway every Monday. But today she is being interviewed and having her own book giveaway to celebrate the Book Release of her 3rd book in this mystery series, Montezuma Intrigue. You have a choice of 3 books as a gift, but before choosing which book you want, read the interview and watch the videos before choosing which book you want for the giveaway. Good luck, everyone!


  1. Yvonne, I will be posting my review of this book soon! :)

  2. Thanks, Yvonne, for such a wonderful review. I appreciate it so much.

    Linda Weaver Clarke

  3. I do like archaeologist :D Always wanted to be one too

  4. Linda - This series is a pleasure to read. I'm enjoying it very much!


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